Woman Left a Successful Career in New York to Build Bamboo Houses

Building a career in one of the most robust cities in the world is not that easy. Most people would do anything to have a good career and to have the life they have always dreamt about. Nevertheless, one woman decided to leave her successful career in New York City, and move back in Indonesia to build elegant homes made of bamboo.

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A woman in her 40s decided to continue the work of her father together with a “team of dozens” in Bali. Their goal was to build homes and structures made from bamboo and other natural materials called IBUKU.

She is Elora Hardy, born in Canada and was raised in Indonesia. She graduated in the United States, taking up Fine Arts Program. She worked in New York’s fashion industry and was notably known on design prints. After years of working, she decided to come home in 2010.

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Elora wanted to prove that bamboo is an ideal building material, which is also her father’s idea and inspiration on his past projects. Her father loves to be close with nature, the way she loves it. They built luxurious bamboo houses like artworks in a museum. The uniqueness in materials and design of the structures they’ve built attracted the masses. People began to noticed her company and had the chance to be a guest in TED conference.

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During the talk, Elora expressed that bamboo is an earthquake resilient material, light enough, and is easy to transfer in other places. Furthermore, for her, bamboo is a manageable and sustainable option for strong woods and lumber. It has the compressive force of cement and the tensile strength of steel.

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Another interview about their well-known bamboo community, her father explained, is that they do not utilize the right angles in the homes they assemble. They follow nature and customary indigenous structures, one will surely noticed that the floors in the homes are frequently somewhat furrowed.

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The mostly open-air homes read like high-end tree houses, with dramatically sloping, usually petal-shaped roofs, elaborate joinery, and light-on-the-land foundations. Modern amenities are far from sacrificed: Many of the bedrooms can be air-conditioned since they are enclosed with tall glass windows and walls made from bamboo planks or tightly woven natural-fiber or paper panels.

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“You wake up and you just feel happy,” John Hardy said. They believe that modern houses are full of right angles and are not life-improving. They need to look on the beauty of the world, which has no correct angles.

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Elora, her father, together with the teams of architect and craftsmen in the community, were successful in building different aesthetic designed bamboo houses, hospitality, furnitures, campuses, and gardens. 

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Elora is now considered as one of the innovators around the world. Apparently, they are still working on improving the designs and expanding their ideas. The focus of the company is living close to nature as much as possible. How pure they are as nature lovers, right?

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Their projects are made from cheaper materials, but the way they designed and built those structures are enough to make your eyes satisfied. The ambiance of these places could bring relaxation and peacefulness—along with the tradition, culture, passion, and happiness. These are some reasons why people chose small towns over huge cities.

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Using bamboo and other materials from nature, Elora aspires to utilize nature on useful ways. However, she took care of nature properly and seriously because she aims to have a refreshing future. She choose to leave the fashion industry to go after her true happiness—designing pro-nature homes. And it luckily opened new doors that brought the best of her as she continues to explore the magic of nature.

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